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The beginning of the Mt. Enon Baptist Church was the result of a vision which lingered in the mind and heart of the late Rev. Enos Mackey. With his devoted wife, the late Sis. Avia Mackey at his side, and along with other men and women from the neighborhood, Rev. Mackey opened his home on June 5, 1938, thus, the first home of the Mt. Enon Baptist Church. On this date, the first sermon of the Mt. Enon Baptist Church was delivered. Rev. Mackey took his text from the book of Numbers, "We are journeying unto the place of which the Lord said 'I will give it you: come thou with us and we will do thee good: for the Lord hath spoken good." They knew the journey ahead would be rocky, filled with trials and tribulations, but the reward would be great.

The church began to grow and in a short while it was evident that the time had come for the first move to be made. A building at 2654 South American Street was found, and the men and women of Mt. Enon began converting this building into a place of worship. The first service in this new bulding was held on the First Sunday in September, 1938. Under the guidance and leadership of Rev. Mackey, Mt. Enon continued to grow spiritually and financially, and the need for even larger quarters soon became apparent. An old school building at 5th and Snyder Avenue was spotted by Rev. Mackey. After almost a year, Rev. Mackey and his congregation became convinced that this was the church of the future. Once the building was obtained, the entire membership put their efforts into making renovations.

In 1970, after almost 40 years of Pastoring the Mt. Enon flock, Rev. Mackey retired. The church rallied to the cause and honored him with a banquet on December 10, 1977. Upon Rev. Mackey's retirement, Rev. Ralph C. James, Sr. was voted Minister in Charge, and in 1979 Rev. James was elected Pastor. On February 4, 1979, Rev. James was installed as Pastor of Mt. Enon.

In June, 2002, after twenty-two years of Pastoring this flock, Rev. James announced his retirement, effective December 31, 2002. In July, 2002, Rev. James suffered an accident, which left him incapacitated. Although he was unable to attend, on September 21, 2003, Mt. Enon Baptist Church family honored Rev. Ralph James and Sis. Mary James at a banquet, held at Dugan's on Roosevelt Boulevard.

On November 9, 2003, the church voted to have Pastor Meredith L. Griffin, Jr. as Interim Pastor, commencing on December 21, 2003. He was a blessing to the Mt. Enon Baptist Church. As we continued to pray for spiritual leadership,on June 24, 2006, God answered our prayers. The church voted and the call was extended to the Rev. Edmund T. Sherrill. Pastor Sherrill is only the third pastor to lead the Mt. Enon Baptist Church. We thank God for our many years of blessings!